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CZarina Lobo

Lead Artist-in-Residence




Creating a closing the loop culture

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Kitchen sink ink


Faces & People

"We are a collage of our interests, our influences, our inspirations, all the fragmentary impressions we've collected by being alive and awake to the world. Who we "are" is simply a finely curated catalog of those."

~ Maria Popova

Watch lesson plan: Collage faces and figures

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Artist-in-Residence 2020

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Nancy Low

Let's make a quaranzine!




Emerging Artists

Art Collection



When i made a scrapbook about my life at home during COVID, I felt compelled to draw the different work spaces for my hobbies. To prepare for a creative project i like an empty space, to get a fresh start and to clear my mind and then let it focus on what i want to create. So i am always looking for an empty table, a place that is mine for the time being,   allthough I am surrounded by my  communal household and the collection of materials that form the basis of my work. Space is important to me and opens  new possibilities, I can just feel it stretching my mind.

Saskia Stomps


This is my easel. I got inspired during our Visual Journaling session to cover part of my easel with strips of magazine pages and glue. I love how it turned out and it brings a great smile to my face when I look at it! How wonderous that an afternoon project can bring such joy...




Marina Morrison


I love shapes, curved lines, not felt by a ruler. The sweep and undulating lines of landscapes and waves of the sea that sweep up and down the sand as the tides come in and out. The sweep of the mind that settles in meditation, on looking and feeling the peace of mind.  

Jill Edgar


The other day I was making tea, mixing hot water and green powder in a coffee mug, and a surge of self-awareness came over me. What has happened to me, to my old sensibilities? We say, “Life’s like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” How true. I am appreciating my memories of my grandmother and my exposure to this true spirit of tea.  Read more here

Keiko Honda

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Folding and Unfolding Artist Notebook

New Year's Resolutions Facebook Post